Developing the will to never give up!!

There is nothing like having the will to never give up. Many times in life you will be faced with opportunities to give up but that doesn’t mean that you have to take them. I have found that to be a great leader you must welcome opposition with a smile while knowing that adversity is only there to make you better. The will to never give up is something that no man can give nor take away from you it must be developed by you personally. Making the choice to not view giving up as an option is something that must be deeply rooted inside of you based upon your eternal drive.The biggest difference between those who have and have not is one person stops to see the opportunity in adversity and the other doesn’t.

Steps to creating the drive to never give up.

  1. Be honest and ask yourself: “Am I really doing my best? How can I improve?
  2. Look yourself in the mirror and say: “I am a champion and I will succeed!!”
  3. Know that everything that you set your mind to do is a process not an event.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people who share the same passion to become successful, in other words: get with those who have your answers and get away from those who have your problems.
  5. Love and encourage yourself FIRST before looking to others for those qualities.

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Founders of Strong Men Of Valor

Founders of Stron Men Of Valor

Mike James and Tommie Jonas

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Quote of the day!!

“You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.” ~Valor~

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What is your why?

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This Weeks keynote speaker is Ray Lewis!!!

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Boldness is a characteristic that is developed over time. In my early development of this characteristic I found myself feeling challenged when called upon to lead. I knew that to be successful in life I would have to grow to a point where I was comfortable speaking or leading others who were waiting on me to perform. I always wondered why I could be bold in the things that I was passionate about but not in other areas. One day I realized that I had been placing limits on myself that didn’t really exist so I had to make a choice to take the limits off. The limits that I felt were there were being birthed from F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) which limited my talents and abilities from being shown.One day I asked myself what do I really have to lose if I did the things I feared and since then fear has become a thing of the past.

Here are some Steps to Becoming Bold

  1. Believe in yourself when nobody else does
  2. Identify the area that is restricting you from action
  3. Repeat to yourself everyday I am a winner and I will overcome any challenge!!
  4. Do something you always feared doing
  5. Share with others the challenges you have overcome and how it made you feel.
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Your words do matter!!!

This is a simple truth that can build up and destroy a person!!

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